“People won’t remember what you say, people won’t remember what you do but they will remember how you made them feel” -Maya Angelou

Our customized learning solutions can range from a single workshop to a series of six to eight workshop spread out over three months to one year. All our solutions are customized to align with our client’s mission, vision and values. The programs are offered over time to increase the learning and retention of newly learned skills.

We use a blended learning approach which can include the following:

  1. Highly interactive face to face training workshops
  2. Engaging webinars
  3. Pre-work assignments including reading of books or articles
  4. Post workshop assignments for on the job application
  5. Learning groups

Creating Customer Centric Organizations

Customer Centricity Assessment | Strategic Planning | Vision, Mission and Value Alignment | Becoming a Customer Centric Leader | Building a Customer Centric Team | Business Process Re-design | Leading Change and Business Transformation

High Performance Leadership Development

Head, Heart and Guts Leadership | Building a High-Performance Organization | Coaching for Sustainable Business Results | Effective Team Communication | Managing Conflict in the Team | Leading Change and Business Transformation | Business Process Re-design (Six Sigma ``Light``) | Running Impactful Meetings and Team Problem Solving

Engaging Team Effectiveness

TeamWORK Essentials | Team Purpose, Vision, Values and Operating Principles | Working as a High-Performance Team | Team Problem Solving | Running Effective Team Meetings | Leverage Team Styles and Maximize Your Results | Managing Team Conflict | Igniting Team Creativity | Leading Transitions and Change

Empowering Women Leaders

Being a High-Performance Women Leader | Leveraging Your Strength as a Woman Leader and Managing Your Team | Powerful Negotiating Skills for Women | Coaching for Business Results and Being Positively Assertive | Building and Sustaining a High-Performance Team | Managing Conflict and Maintaining Peak Performance | Running Effective Team Meeting and Team Problem Solving | Leading Change and Managing Transitions

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that really counts” -John Wooden

Engaging & Educational

I learned so much about how building a customer centric organization is my only way to stay ahead of the game today. Our members loved Pattie’s presentation style which was engaging, educational and entertaining.

Jeff Thompson SVP, Intel

Concrete Strategies

Pattie’s presentation was perfect for our Advancing Women in Technology webinar series. She provided concrete strategies our women could use to become better leaders!”

Cathy Alper Senior Director, CompTIA

Spot On

Pattie spoke at our Executive meeting. Her message was ‘spot on’. Her presentation was inspiring, educational, and packed with solid information to help me be a better leader.

John Young CEO Leader’s Executive Club

Inspiring & Entertaining

Pattie’s presentation to our women’s group was inspiring, entertaining, and very informative filled with practical tips on how to be the best leaders we can be.

Julie Robinson Senior Manager, It Systems